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▻ Canadian Certified Counsellor (Qualifying)
▻ End of Life Doula
▻ Spiritual Care Practitioner

I received a Masters in Psychotherapy and Spirituality from St. Stephen's College (Edmonton, AB) in 2020. My experience in religious communities and among spiritual seekers has given me a wide lens for appreciating the spiritual life as it manifests in all places and among all people. Because of my personal and academic journey studying more than one approach to life and how they interconnect, I have an interspiritual approach to my work with individuals and families facing end-of-life concerns, anticipatory grief, and bereavement.
In 2018 I received a Sacred Passage End of Life Doula Certificate from the Conscious Dying Institute (Boulder, CO). On the foundation of compassionate, grounding presence, I provide psycho-social-spiritual companionship for those journeying to the end of their lives.

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